Days until Red Snapper Season…


Are you confused yet on when you can get a charter for red snapper in 2014? Sit back and let Pensacola Red Snapper Charters break it down for you and keep you up to date on what changes. Charter boats who fish in the Gulf of Mexico fall into two different categories when red snapper is the targeted species, federally permitted or state licensed. Federally permitted boats are all of your larger vessels that you probably picture as “charter boats”, but can be anyone who is willing to buy a permit and play by the rules. Nearly all of your walk on or per head charter boats fall into the federally permitted boat category. These boats possess a valuable permit that allows them to fish in federal waters, which is all waters beyond nine nautical miles from shore. State licensed boats ordinarily will be smaller boats that take 6 anglers or less and do not have a federal permit, most inshore guides fall into this category. With that being said federally permitted boats are only allowed to fish in federal waters when the federal red snapper season (June 1 – June 9) is open. The 30B Amendment prevents federally permitted boats from fishing in state waters when the federal season is closed. State licensed boats are able to take advantage of Florida’s state waters season (May 24 – July 14) each year, but are not allowed to venture into federal waters at any time to target reef fish species even if open in all Gulf of Mexico waters are open. One thing is a fact and that is that we do not have a fish problem, we simply have a government problem and they are using very broken data to project our fishing seasons.


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